Thank you for your interest in spending some time with me. Sharing a very special moment together is so exciting. I’m famous for everything possible in oral cockplay. If you wish to schedule an appointment please call me. I provide outcalls only.

My favourite techniques are:


In Victorian times the blowjob has been known as a so-called below job because of the position. Playing with the cock in a blowjob way is very intense. I am curious how long you will last.


This is not really about throat fucking but a very deep blowjob. In this it is most important to play with the cock in the most wet way. A deepthroat requires a waterfall of spit. This is the one and only secret to get it deep in the throat. Never mistake a deepthroat by mouthfucking. This is different and I do not offer the latter.


While working around this intense deepthroat  gagging is possible. It sounds rough but it works fine.


Oral testicles play is called ballsucking. Playing with the balls is somehow underrated but most important.

Foreskin Play

Some uncircumcised males have a fair foreskin like a rose. With the tongue it is possible to play with the foreskin.


Working everything out of the balls and taking control of it is called edging.


The procedure of a helping hand can be described as milking. Some guys like to get milked while doing something else.


A blowjob session with multiple men and one woman is called a bukkake. My record is around 30 men. But mmf is more common usually.

…and I enjoy having a good conversation.